All publications are with original titles and in original languages unless translations were made for reprints.




Conference roadshow for the project „Interim Management – novelty in workplace age management and management of the business”, November-December 2014 – Speaker and panelist. Title of the presentation: „Post merger integration – typical interim management project”.


Second conference of Association of Interim Managers (SIM): "President, Director – what next? – Interim Management a tool to manage the company, a career solution", 2 December 2010 – panelist.


First conference of Association of Interim Managers (SIM): “Interim Management – effective change tool, career solutions for top management", 24 November 2009 – speaker. Title of the presentation: “Restructuring at loss of liquidity”


Working Capital Conference "Best strategies and best practice in management of receivables and payables", 23 October 2006 – speaker. Title of presentation: "How to optimize working capital? – Implementation of Management Architecture"

UNIDO – Promotion of Uzbekistan, 7June 2004 – presentation of CII Group’s activity in Uzbekistan and of its representative office in Tashkent

International Conference "Expo-Wschód", 11 May 2004, panelist discussing investment opportunities in Ukraine