Major projects

Description of key projects related to growth and restructuring strategy creation, implementation, finance management and implementation of management architecture.

Creation of development strategy after assimilation of large production department >>

Growth strategy setting and implementation

Client: service and production company (maintenance and tool production)
Duration: 5 weeks
Description: Project included analysis of the company, its business environment and competition and definition of growth strategy for coming 3 years. The document was supported with financial model giving prognosis of various scenarios available for the company.
Result/Product: Strategy with alternative scenarios and financial model.

Headcount optimization >>

Management architecture

Client: bank
Duration: 3 months
Description: Project included analysis of headcount in all departments of the bank (approx. 1300 employees), optimization recommendations with respect to organization structure and headcount levels. All recommendations were negotiated and agreed with department directors.
Result/Product: Agreed reduction levels. Recommendations of modifications required in job descriptions. The project generated yearly savings amounting to 12% of salary budget.

Legal, financial and operational integration; optimization of personnel costs >>

Integration of companies   Management architecture

Client: industrial holding, steel industry
Duration: 16 months
Description: Project included creation and implementation of integration strategy for companies of steel producing and processing group and optimization of personnel costs. Integration process affected over 40 legal entities out of which 20 were integrated around 3 business areas: production, energy generation and logistics services. For remaining entities with non-core activities liquidation or sale process were initiated. The personnel cost optimization project included optimization of organization structures, headcount analysis (approx. 6600 employees) and proposal of headcount reductions. In addition the project covered unification of social agreements for merged companies, modification of remuneration and motivation system for floor-shop employees.
Result/Product: Three integrated businesses and yearly savings potential amounting to 30 million euro.

Restructuring strategy, cost optimization, modification of product costing system >>

Restructuring strategy setting and implementation   Management information  Management architecture

Client: production company, building materials
Duration: 10 months
Description: Project included analysis of company’s operations and definition of restructuring strategy for all functional areas. Implementation covered initiatives aimed at cost reduction in purchasing and production, optimization of headcount levels and modification of product costing system.
Result/Product: Implementation of Activity Based Costing in SAP. Savings in production and purchasing costs reached 10% of yearly revenues.

Implementation of Management by Objectives >>

Management architecture

Client: production company, building materials
Duration: 2 months
Description: During workshops organized with key managers of the company goals for the organization were set and disintegrated for the goals of each line of management down the organization structure from Management Board to team managers. Financial and non financial goals were set. Financial goals were closely connected with company's budget. For agreed goals measures and timetables were set. Agreed goals were linked with remuneration and motivation system.
Result/Product: Goals set for all management positions from Management Board to team managers. To support administration of the Management by Objectives process all necessary templates and documents were created.

Modification of product costing system – Activity Based Costing >>

Management information

Client: production company, food and beverage industry
Duration: 2 months
Description: To support restructuring process of a company producing alcoholic beverages its product costing system was carefully analyzed. The finance team was coached to modify company’s costing system to reflect Activity Based Costing methodology.
Result/Product: Modified product costing system

Market analysis and creation of development strategy >>

Growth strategy setting and implementation

Client: medical center
Duration: 1 month
Description: To create growth strategy for Romanian medical service provider local market of medical services and medical insurance was analyzed and compared with European standards. Development strategy was created on the basis of analysis and discussion with local authorities and regulators.
Result/Product: Market analysis and growth strategy

Market analysis and identification of acquisition targets and business partners in former CIS countries >>

Growth strategy setting and implementation

Client: production and mining company, copper industry
Duration: 6 months
Description: On the request of copper mining and producing company copper fields and copper processing companies in Russia and countries of former CIS were analyzed. This allowed for identification of potential acquisition targets and business partners. The project initiated also number of meetings with business partners from Russia and CIS countries.
Result/Product: Geological and business documentation of copper fields and potential business partners.

Geographical expansion strategy >>

Growth strategy setting and implementation

Client: production company, building materials
Duration: 1 month
Description/Product: Identification of acquisition targets and definition of company’s development on foreign markets. Preparation of strategy document and financial model for purposes of decision making process.

Restructuring strategy and turnaround of company at loss of liquidity >>

Restructuring strategy setting and implementation  Finance and liquidity Management information  Management architecture

Client: production company, food and beverage industry
Duration: 12 months
Description: Project realized taking function of interim General Director. It covered creation and implementation of restructuring strategy: headcount optimization, strengthening of supply chain, implementation of control systems. Strong emphasis were put on negotiations of stand still with key creditors of the company (banks and suppliers) to allow for parallel discussion with potential strategic investor without stopping production process.
Result/Product: Maintenance of stand still with all key creditors, support of sale process, implementation of restructuring strategy elements.

Restructuring strategy >>

Restructuring strategy setting and implementation

Client: production company, food and beverage industry
Duration: 6 weeks
Description/Product: Definition of restructuring strategy for production company, identification of cost savings potential. The project covered all functional areas of the holding company and its daughter companies. As a result restructuring strategy with timeline and resource allocation was created.

Liquidity optimization, working capital management >>

Finance and liquidity

Client: service company, language training
Duration: 2 months
Description/Product: Redesign of settlements with key clients to optimize monthly cash-flow of the company. Optimization of working capital and cash-flow management, creation of internal controls and credit control system.